There is currently a connectivity issue between the Clearinghouse and a small percentage of Mississippi CDL holders. This issue is causing the affected CDL holders to be unable to register and provide consent for full queries in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. This issue is currently being worked on, but could take an undetermined amount of time to fix. In the name of fairness to affected CDL holders, carriers wishing to hire the affected drivers should continue to follow the original guidance (slightly amended) listed below on disruption of the Clearinghouse registration, which came out on 1/7/2020:


If you are an employer who currently has current or prospective Mississippi CDL holders experiencing technical difficulties accessing and granting consent for queries in the Clearinghouse, and are unable to conduct required pre-employment queries, you may hire a driver using solely the procedures set forth in 49 CFR 391.23(e). Once FMCSA determines that affected Mississippi CDL holders are able to access the Clearinghouse and grant consent for full queries, pre-employment queries must also be conducted as required by section 382.701(a).


Please have any affected drivers in your organization periodically attempt to complete Clearinghouse registration, but in the meantime, please do not hesitate to hire affected drivers using the old procedures set forth in 391.23(e).


Update to the above notice, the state has figured out the fix for the below issue. Only problem is the fixes must be done on an individual basis. So if you or your drivers are getting rejected by the Clearinghouse due to CDL issues send the driver’s info (CDL #, DOB, driver name to Mark Dunlap, Division Administrator, Mississippi Division, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, He will then send the information over to state to get fixed. It should be a pretty quick turnaround, so once the problem is detected it should be fixed in a day or so

January 24, 2020