Declarations and Waivers(Ordered by Expiration)

Waiver       Agency     Expiration

Hours of Service National Emergency Declaration                                                     FMCSA           August14

CLP Holder Accompanied by CDL Driver in Front Seat; Out-of-State Skills Testing    FMCSA           September 30

CDL, CLP, and Medical Certification Validity Waivers                                                 FMCSA           September 30

Third-Party CDL Skills TestExaminers Waiver                                                             FMCSA          September 30

Pre-Employment Testing Waiver                                                                                 FMCSA           September 30

STA Extension for HMEs                                                                                            TSA                October29

Hazardous Materials Enforcement Discretion                                                           PHMSA           October 31

August 10, 2020