Special Bonus Presentation – The Latest on CSA and Near-Term CSA Program Changes

Presented by

Dave Osiecki, Recognized ELD Expert & President of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

Are you and your team ready for the implementation of Electronic Logging Devices?  How high is your comfort level with FMCSA’s complex ELD rules?  Is your current technology certified by its provider…or can it be upgraded to meet the new ELD specs?   The ELD compliance date of December 2017 is right around the corner—which means you and your team have less than 6 months to learn the rules, research the ELD options, train your drivers and staff on the new rules, and outfit or upgrade your trucks with this technology.  The lawsuit is over, and the ELD clock is ticking. Your Association is here to help!

MTA is hosting a new ELD training seminar in early August, where you and members of your team will learn:


  1. FMCSA’s complex rules, and how to simplify them for your drivers and staff;

  2. The differences between, and pros/cons of, dedicated versus portable “bring your own device” ELDs;

  3. Dozens of practical, real-world implementation issues that need to be tackled during and after ELD implementation and,

  4. How FMCSA and CVSA will begin to tackle enforcement of the mandate.

July 14, 2017