Although the State of Mississippi has Declared a State of Emergency, specific guidance has not been issued yet regarding overweight variance in direct response to disaster relief. 
MTA is currently working with MDOT leadership to assist in development of those plans and will communicate this info as soon as it is released.
We will continue to update you on various states as they release their plans.
  • Kentucky Emergency Declaration HERE
  • Maryland Emergency Declaration HERE
  • Missouri Overweight Variance Allowance HERE
  • Arkansas Emergency Declaration HERE
  • Nebraska Emergency Declaration HERE
  • New York Emergency Declaration HERE
  • North Carolina Emergency Declaration HERE
  • Wisconsin Overweight Permit Fees Waived HERE
  • Virginia Overweight Variance Allowance HERE
  • South Carolina Overweight Variance Allowance HERE
  • Illinois Over-weight Variance HERE
  • San Francisco Area Travel Ordinance HERE
  • Georgia Emergency Declaration HERE
  • Mississippi Overweight Variance Allowance HERE

  • Oregon Emergency Declaration HERE


March 17, 2020