"I joined the MTA in 1970 and became a member of the Safety Council June 1977 and credit my education in Safety Management to the MTA Seminars over the years.  I still attend training seminars to keep up to date on changes in the Motor Carrier Industry. If you own 1 truck or a 1000 you need to be a member of your state association."
Billy Boyd
Lampton-Love, Inc.

"Through membership in the Mississippi Trucking Association, Holmes Company has strengthened its industry knowledge with up-to-date information in all aspects involving transportation from New Laws, MDOT changes, Industry Updates, Insurance Services as well as the opportunity to interact and work with the other members in the Association providing "strength in numbers" for a voice in our industry.
Jack Holmes
Holmes Company of Jackson, Inc.

"Belonging to the Mississippi Trucking Association has been a very rewarding and learning experience.  Through my membership, I have met many of my counterparts in the trucking industry.  The Mississippi Truck, Food and Fuel program has provided a great cost savings to my company.  The college scholarship program has been beneficial to our company's employees.  I am looking forward to many more years in the MTA."
Jerry Culwell
CTC, Inc.

"The Mississippi Trucking Association has been a great asset to Jowin Express, Inc. throughout the years.  With the various changes the trucking industry has seen over the past years, the Mississippi Trucking Association has kept me informed of those changes as well as kept me apprised of possible changes in state laws regarding the trucking industry."
Edwin Johnson
Jowin Express, Inc.

"Our company has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on key industry issues by being a member of the Mississippi Trucking Association.  I encourage you to join the Mississippi Trucking Association for the benefit of your company and our industry.  You will not regret it."
Steve Morgan
Morgan Van Lines, Inc.