MTA's Safety Management Council works to develop new and better programs in promoting trucking industry concerns. 

Membership in the Safety Management Council is complimentary and open to employees of Carrier members of the Mississippi Trucking Association.

Officers are elected annually, in November, at the safety banquet.

Listed below are some regular activities and services:

  • Monthly Meetings
  • State & National Truck Driving Championships
  • Annual Safety Banquet
  • Fleet Safety Awards
  • Driver of the Year
  • Vehicle Safety Check Program

The Safety Management Council was developed to promote methods, materials, and procedures, and conduct research for improved SAFETY in the field of commercial motor vehicle transportation.

The operation of a good safety compliance program is a duty and obligation of every motor carrier.  To be in safety compliance, carriers must stay on constantly changing DOT regulations.  One simple accident can bankrupt a carrier or raise his insurance premiums to a prohibitive level.  An unsatisfactory record of compliance with safety regulations can lead to loss of operating authority, civil and criminal penalties, and shut down a truck company's operation.

The Mississippi Trucking Association Safety Management Council is an excellent source of information assistance of safety matters for MTA members.  It can help carriers establish a good safety program.  The Council is actively involved in safety through monthly meeting programs, the annual Truck Driving Championship, selection and honoring drivers of the year, fleet safety awards, safety workshops, inspections etc.  MTA encourages all of its members to have at least one active member in the Safety Management Council. 

Please click the following link to become a member of the MTA Safety Management Council.

Mississippi Trucking Association Safety Management Council Application