FMCSA Portal Users:

If you have or use an FMCSA Portal account, you must act now to maintain access.

How you log on to the FMCSA Portal is changing.  FMCSA is making access more secure by implementing multifactor authentication. Soon, User ID and Passwords will no longer be used to access the FMCSA Portal.  

You will access the FMCSA Portal through a account instead of using your current FMCSA Portal username and password. 


To ensure you have continued access to the FMCSA Portal, you must set up a account by Dec. 1, 2023. Please follow the attached step-by-step directions, which can also be found on the FMCSA website, to establish your account.

Don’t delay – set up your account now for immediate access to the FMCSA Portal which is easier and more secure. Once you have created your account, instead of entering a User ID and Password, simply click the “Sign In With” link and follow the attached instructions to log in.  


Click HERE for How to Guide 

November 9, 2023